I wish to thank Orly Krauss-Weiner, for the literary adaptation and perfect collaboration,
for the support, contribution and patience with
which she guided my first steps into the world of writing.

My heartfelt thanks to literary editor, Amnon Jackont, for his insightful and important comments,
both practical and logical, which significantly contributed to the coherent construction of the plot.

To Hila Harpak, copyeditor and second literary editor,
for her thoroughness and professionalism.

Many thanks to translator Yaron Regev, who I nicknamed “Bionic Eyes”,
because of his perceptiveness and phenomenal sense of logic.

Yaron was responsible for the book’s English translation and also contributed
greatly to the Hebrew edition with his insightful and perceptive remarks.

My grateful acknowledgments to Lidor Greenberg for his quick responsiveness,
patience and attentiveness that led to designing the book’s cover in
a way that best relayed the book’s message.

I would like to thank ‘Niv Books’ and staff, and his unflagging attentiveness.

And most of all, I wish to thank my courageous and supportive children,
who patiently accompanied me on the way to the completion and publication of this book.

Finally, my thanks go out to you –
the readers.