Living a Lie is Rachel San’s first novel, and the 19th publication of Orly Krauss-Winer, a best-selling author whose novels include “Rising”, “A Hungarian Portrait”, “Wolves in the Snow”, “Love and Prejudice”, “Happy in Her Own Way”, and “Famous against her Will”.

Rachel San is a successful career woman. Living a Lieis her first novel, inspired by the true story of a family living in a wealthy and exclusive suburb of Tel Aviv.What first appears to be a perfect life, is soon revealed to be merely a façade for the husband’s secrets and lies.

In this era of Trump’s “Fake News”, Living a Lie tells the story of how secrets and lies can penetrate the most intimate parts of life – the places where we think we were safest and most protected – the family. The novel, Living a Lie, by Rachel San, together with best-selling authorOrly Krauss, is a tragic and mind-boggling story, which is thrilling and humoristic / gripping, poignant and unforgettable.